Learning The Important Facts For Bow Hunting 101

Bow hunting is much different than hunting with a rifle. If you are new to the scene or bows, you might be easily overwhelmed with the different options available to you for bows. What you have to know about the various bows is- they all have one thing in common with one another, they all shoot arrows.

The difference in the bows however will range from simply shooting the arrow faster to another being slightly quieter. One bow might have a better grip on it than another might have. But at the end of the day, when you first start out, these things wont make such a difference.

The right bow for you to choose is going to require the right draw weight as well as the right draw length. When you are choosing to use a release aid, you will to make sure that you have it ready to go when you are testing the length of the draw.

When you are checking the length, the proper length is going to allow for your elbow to be completely pointed away from the target, at a straight location from where you are aiming. When it comes to shooting fingers, the proper position is with your index finger at the corner of your mouth. When you look straight at your target, you do not want to turn your head so that the corners of your eyes are focused on the target. This will be a bad habit for you to break later on down the road.

When it comes to the anchor point, if you are aiming to be a release shooter, your correct position is going to pit your fist directly against the back end of your jaw with your head facing directly forward looking to the target.

You will want to be sure that your bow is not going to draw too heaviliy when shooting. As you start to practice more, the muscles used for archery will begin to get stronger over time. If the bow pulls hard at the start, you will soon feel as if your shoulders are burning early on. You will want to find a bow which pulls easily on the force of the draw.

When starting out and choosing the right weight, you will want to choose a bow that is able to handle 10 pounds more of weight than what you are comfortable with right now and back it on down from there. Once you are comfortable with the weight, slowly start to increase on the weight.

Another important factor to look at when you are choosing the right bow is the brace height. The height of the brace is going to be determined by the distance of the string to the back end of the grip.

For most bow hunters, this measurement is typically in the range of 7 to 8 inches. With this number, the brace height is going to give into forgiveness for the average accommodation while keeping the shot form firm as it gives plenty of energy storage for the arrow to travel fast while in the air.

Choose The Right Release

When it comes to the option of selecting the right release, you will need to decide which option is the best for you. Are you going to want a wrist strap release that is triggered by the index finger or are you looking for something different like the handheld release.

You might find one to be your preferred method or find that one is easier than the other. If you hunt already but in different sports modes, then you already know how different bow hunting is from other hunting sports.

When starting out with bow hunting, you will want to decide which method works best for you in terms of rests. Are you looking for the drop away rest option or are you looking at a full capture rest.

In terms of which arrows are best for shooting, the go to choice for most bow hunters is the carbon arrows because they offer a smaller diameter compared to other arrows like the aluminum ones.

In the sense of full capture rests, the one thing that hunters find useful is that the full rest is similar to the Whisker Biscuit in the sense that it comes in helpful by holding the arrow on three sides of the bow. When the arrow is held in this manner, it will leave the arrow positioned in the right spot no matter if your hands are shaking or if the wind blows just right.

Simple Equals Success

In order to be able to capture something for your freezer, you do not need to have all the bows and whistles, (no pun intended) to be able to fill your freezer. The only thing that you will need to have instead is a rugged one. Your fiber optics should be very well protected as well.

Until you have established that you are a leading archer, you will want to stick with a bow that has three pins. You should set the pins for 20 to 40 yards to begin with. You will want to be able to at some point shoot past 40 yards but don’t be surprised when it doesn’t happen right off the bat.

A few quick tips will include following the basic principle of squeezing the shot when you have no idea when the bow will fire. This is something that is as important to archers as others are as an important to someone who is hunting using a rifle.

Also, one thing that you should learn is that the muscles that are not being used to shoot the bow should be relaxed. This will help you to have a better aim and better shot.

The last thing that you will want to keep an eye on is the follow through. You will want to be sure to keep your bow aimed at the target until the arrow has made contact with the target.