Why The Hunting Bow Is Better For Kids To Learn

The hunting bow or bushcraft bow is often the best weapon for a child to learn because it is safe, it is a skill they can develop, and it teaches them respect for the animals they hunt. No one is saying you cannot teach your children to hunt with a number of different weapons, but bows are always a good place to start. Use the tips below to get your kids ready for their first hunting expedition when they are still fairly small.

Bows Are Safe

Bows are not guns. A bow needs to be drawn and fired with accuracy if you hope to hit anything, and it is something that a child cannot use accidentally. You can store the bow easily in your home, and you can keep bow accessories around the house because they are generally safe. You can trust your child to keep the bow in the case in their room, and you can show them how to manage the bow without worrying that they will get hurt. The most dangerous part of a bow is the string which could snap, but that is nothing compared to a bullet.

Bows Are A Skill

Bows are a fun skill for kids to learn, and there are a number of kids who would love to practice the bow because they want to learn how to be as accurate as possible. You could let your child know that they could compete at the Olympics as an archer, and they could hunt quietly in the woods. This alone makes it the perfect way for you to train your child to hunt.

Striking The Animal Properly

You must teach your child how to hit the animal properly, how to take down the animal, and how to do so in a respectful way. Someone who is trying to make the best choices for their hunting will learn more by watching in silence, shooting in silence, and learning how to use the animal after it has been hit. The bow and arrow do not cause much damage, and you can teach your child how to reuse the arrows, how to respect the animal, and how to break down the animal after the kill.

Bows Are Silent

The bow that you use is practically silent. You are not disturbing all the animals in the woods when you take a shot, and you often have a chance for a second shot when you are firing at an animal from a distance. This is a good way for kids to learn, and it helps the kids learn what they are doing wrong if they have missed.


The bow technique that you teach your child will help them learn how to hunt, how to shoot with accuracy, and how to be respectful to the animals that they have hit. You are giving your child a lifelong skill hey can practice, and you can trust that they are safe when using a bow.