Five Tips For Hunting Deer Down In the South

There is an old saying:

“Midwestern values or advice does not always reflect what is happening in Dixie.”

I would not say it is more challenging to hunt deer here in the south but is different. Every territory has its own rules. What works in one place is not going to necessarily work in another. Many deer hunters find they have to learn through some trial and error before they can score some big game, especially Whitetails.

That being said, there are some helpful tips you should pay attention to if you are going to do some hunting down here in Dixie.

Club or Public Land

You will have to choose between hunting in a club or on public land. Yes, there are some private lands you can pick, but they are few and far between. It is better to stay where the deer are known to be.

Choose what form of hunting you want to do. You need the skills down here, man. You could be the best buck hunter this side of Minnesota, but it means nothing if you do not hunt in the right spot.

The same could be said for hunting knowledge. You may be able to do in blindfolded and in your sleep, but choosing the wrong area to hunt will kill your expertise.

Rut Signs

It is better to use rut sign to your benefit. Some people wonder what that is. There is an old saying:

“Those who know do not need to ask.”

A rut sign is when a buck begins to linger around other deer in large groups. They usually do that right after sunrise, maybe before sunset. They will also do it when they are looking for food.

Check with the local gamesmen and parks to find out when rutting begins. That is your most ample opportunity to bag some big deer. Click for more details on how to spot a rut sign.

Know Where the Food Is

This may be deer hunting 101, but you need to go where the food is. Deer love to eat. Find the spots where you know deer will be eating a lot. That could be your best chance to bag some buck or whitetail.

Different places offer different options. Choose according to what works best for you.

Find the Water Source

Water is also a great source to use here in the south. You locate an ample water supply, you then locate some deer. Water and food are the big winners here.

Bedding Areas

You should try to get close to the places they sleep. They are called bedding areas. Sometimes you have to be aggressive, especially when it comes to the deer who like to hide away.

A little aggression never hurt anyone, especially to get what you want. Be tactical when hunting deer who lay low. The first sign of trouble and they will run.