Prepping Your Freshly Hunted Game

There are a variety of ways that you can prepare your game. Some hunters will choose to take their newly gathered game to a butcher to handle the job for them. If you are someone who is limited on the amount of time that you have to do things on a daily basis, you might be someone who has very limited time to handle things like preparing your own game. Maybe you do have time to handle your own preparing of the game but maybe you do not have enough space to be able to clean your game and cut it up.

If you are someone who is trying to for the first time to care for your game, are trying to learn about how to care for your game or are simply looking to purchase new tools, you will need to know what tools you are going to need in order to safely remove the meat from your game.

Field to Freezer

As long as the hunter or user knows what they are doing and are using a sharp enough tool, the game can be processed in a matter of just moments. The preparation of the game can be done quite easily as long as you have the space to perform the prepping and as long as the weather is going to permit it. The area of your home that could be used for prepping could be as small as a shed in your back yard or in a area where there is a way to control the bacteria from entering into the meat that you are treating.

What you might not know is, the butchering of your game can be done with a sharp enough knife however a tool that all hunters should have is a boning knife.

Steps To Help With Prepping Your Game

In order to skin your game, you have to first hang the game up. By hanging the game up, you are allowing for the blood to drain freely from the game. With deer, you will knot a rope around both of the legs of the deer and will then hang that deer upside down to aide in the removal of the blood from the game.

When it comes to cutting the deer open, the deer will need to have a slice in the skin placed by the torsional area of the deer’s legs.

When it comes to fowl, you have the choice to skin or pluck the bird. If you are looking for the easier option, the choice would be to skin it. The problem is then that if you are wanting to use the whole bird, you will want to pluck it so that the meat on the bird retains it’s moisture.

When you skin the bird, you will want to make an incision at the breast bone and then slowly peel the skin back and off the breast. You will want to end with the legs and wings. When you do this, the legs and wings can be utilized in a separate way or you can ground them together to create a ground chicken.

When cooking the meat that you have freshly cut, there are several ways that you can prepare the meat. One option is to smoke the meat. This method is great for fowl as most people will love smoked chicken or even bbq chicken. Another option is to choose to dehydrate the meat. When you dehydrate the meat, it is healthier as it is free from oils and fat.

If you are experienced in the kitchen or know how to prepare meat in a way that will avoid any food borne illnesses, you have the option to can meat. Game meat is ideal if you know how to prevent these kinds of things.

In the sense of preparing game meat, it should not go into the water bath canner but rather instead into the high pressure canner. When you use the high pressure to can with, the heat that is used is going to help to kill any kind of bacteria that can be lingering which will lead to food poisoning and the food borne illnesses. When you can the meat, you are preserving the meat in a way that can be used for long term periods.